Afraid of Divorce?, This Way Keeps the Household Harmonious

After marriage, you definitely want to keep the household harmonious, away from problems, let alone lead to divorce. However, this desire will not be realized if all parties in it, namely you and your partner, do not both struggle in the process. Maintaining the harmony of a household is not easy, but also not impossible. Here’s how to keep the household harmonious that you can try.

Enjoy life together

A happy family is a family that supports each other and is always there for each other. According to family counselor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, one of the hallmarks of happy family interactions is when they can have fun together. For example, children will welcome happily when their parents come home from work. On the other hand, parents are genuinely happy when they see their children coming home from school.

Exchange stories and opinions

Sharing and exchanging ideas is the key to a harmonious family. This simple activity can also prevent boredom from triggering fights or other problems. Call it like a cheating partner or children who choose to play with their friends.

How to start? Exchanging stories about the busyness of the day. Ask your spouse and children how they felt and went through that day. By doing this, your relationship will feel closer and stronger.

Prioritizing marriage

Realize that your marriage is all that matters. This is the key to a harmonious home. Usually, for young couples who have just had children, they tend to prioritize the child over their partner. Finally, the relationship between husband and wife strained.

According to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “This is the worst thing for a family because eventually the kids will leave the house, but your spouse won’t.” Well, make sure you keep your partner first by being open to each other about anything.

Get used to having dinner together

Maybe for you these tips are the most trivial, but in fact having dinner together can be the key to a harmonious household because it can be a liaison between family members. Rabbi recommends at least four times a week, you and your partner take dinner together. Either just the two of you or take the kids too.

Spending time together

Actually, during a pandemic that requires you to stay at home, you and your partner can maximize this moment. Maybe before you have been busy each so that the time together at home is reduced. Well, now is the time for you to spend time with your partner by reading stories to children or just exchanging stories at night before going to bed.

Prioritizing family over friends

Usually this is more often done by children, especially those who are growing up. They tend to get bored easily so they want to find fun outside the home with their friends. Actually there is nothing wrong with this, as long as everything is done according to its portion. Maybe you don’t have kids right now, or if you do, make sure to remind them of the importance of family togetherness. However, do so without impressing judgment.

Running a household requires commitment from both parties. This commitment is a way to strengthen attitudes and views and hold on to each other. A long future plan will only be realized through a commitment agreed upon by you and your partner.

Maintain communication

Communication is not only about when and what is said, but also how you voice it. High and loud voice intonation will create an unpleasant atmosphere. Make sure you and your partner both maintain good communication with a soft voice intonation. Not only can create a peaceful home atmosphere but also avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t fight in front of children

One of the most common mistakes made by couples who already have children is fighting in front of them. In maintaining a harmonious household, you also need to create a safe home atmosphere. One of them is by not presenting a negative aura in front of children. However, if this has happened, apologize immediately and say, “Sorry if you had to see Mama and Papa fighting. But everything is fine now.”

Don’t bring problems from outside to the house

It’s natural for you or your partner to have problems outside the home, for example from work or your circle of friends. However, make sure you don’t “bring” him into the household. Because you’re upset with your boss, you yell at your spouse or children. This is what will make the harmony of the household will be destroyed. Take care of work when it’s time to work. When you are at home, try to stay focused on your family. Make your family your antidote.

Creating harmonization between brothers

It’s not only the harmonization of the nuclear family that you just formed that must be maintained, as well as your relationship with siblings. That way, you will be surrounded by positive people who have the same vision and mission in life.

Open to each other

The main key in a harmonious household is openness. All family members should feel free to communicate and open up to each other. Problems, no matter how small or big, from work, finances, to life choices, must be discussed properly within the family. Because the one who can help and maintain the integrity of a family is each member himself.

Reduce use of social media

It’s really hard to let go of social media in everyday life. But you must be able to learn to manage it so it doesn’t affect the household. When hanging out with your family or in serious conversation with your partner, devote all your attention to them. Don’t even bother yourself by playing games or scrolling Instagram.