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The case arose from an software by eight northern South Island iwi for orders declaring the foreshore and seabed of the Marlborough Sounds Maori customary land. The court docket also held that, “The transfer of sovereignty didn’t affect customary property. They are pursuits preserved by the common law until extinguished in accordance with the law”.

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A full compilation of legal opinions of the Attorney General issued since 1981 could also be viewed and searched using the search links under. As the state’s chief regulation officer, ensures that the legal guidelines of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced. In that capacity he advises the Government, Government Departments, Statutory Boards and Public Corporations in respect of all legal matters. He conducts prosecutions in felony cases and appears on behalf of the Government, Government Departments, Statutory Boards and Public Corporations in any Court or Tribunal.

These laws protect consumers, companies and the market from unfair or misleading acts and practices. The Attorney General seeks to satisfy the responsibilities of the workplace through public training, voluntary dispute decision and enforcement of shopper-associated laws and rules.

Justice Tipping joined with the majority of the court docket in overturning In Re the Ninety Mile Beach, and with the entire of the courtroom in declaring that there was no barrier stopping the Maori Land Court from investigating Maori customary rights within the foreshore and seabed. Finally, the judgment dealt with the precedent created in In Re the Ninety-Mile Beach NZLR 461 that, “any Maori customary property within the foreshore had been extinguished once the contiguous land above excessive water mark had misplaced the standing of Maori customary land”. Elias CJ held, “an method which precludes investigation of the fact of entitlement according to custom due to an assumption that custom is displaced by a change in sovereignty or as a result of the ocean was used as a boundary for individual titles on the shore is incorrect in legislation.” Enforcement and protection of Idaho’s Master Settlement Agreement with the tobacco business additionally falls inside the purview of the Consumer Protection Division’s delegated duties. The division enforces Idaho’s Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Act, Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Complementary Act and Prevention of Minors’ Access to Tobacco Act.