Tips As A Professional Property Agent

Listing for a property agent is like gold. Very valuable. Something of value does not come easily. It takes some hard work to get it. Listings are like assets that must be developed. The number of listings owned makes a property agent have the opportunity to get closing. Here are some tips to become a professional real estate agent.


Vendor and client trust is built on your first impression. How professional you are as a property agent at the beginning of the meeting to how serious you are in helping them in the process of buying and selling or leasing property. Make sure you give a good first impression to potential vendors. How to give a first impression of yourself to the vendor?

You can introduce yourself and the property agent’s office where you work. Get in the habit of offering help to sell the vendor’s property, and then asking about the specifications of the property being sold. Make sure you also give the potential vendor where you got the phone number from. After that, you can arrange a time to meet the vendor and see firsthand the condition of the property. Don’t forget to take photos and videos of the property’s room tour. Make sure you do good and correct property photography techniques so that the photos look attractive when viewed by potential buyers.

Show Your Seriousness in Marketing the Listing

As a professional property agent, make sure you show your seriousness in selling the listings entrusted to you. Don’t let the listing just be a “complementary” to your listing, but not be marketed seriously. Make sure you provide an update report on the progress of property sales to the vendor. That way, the vendor will feel helped by your presence as a property agent. Then the vendor’s trust in you as a property agent is increasing.

Build Relationships With Vendors On A Sustainable Way

Often a property agent often ignores this. Property agents often do not establish relationships with vendors, especially when the process of selling or leasing the property has ended. Whereas relationships with vendors are very important to do. If a relationship has been established, the vendors will remember and will provide a listing without you asking. This will make it easier for you to get property listings in the future.

Vendor trust in a property agent is very much needed. You have to build a symbiotic mutualism between the vendor and your client. The hope is that they will find it helpful and will remember you if they want to transact property buying and selling. They will automatically give you a listing. Then you will be one step ahead compared to other property agents in terms of the ease of getting a listing. The next question, what if you are a property agent who is new to the property business? Getting a listing is not as easy as one might think. This is a new step for you. Here are some powerful ways to get property listings.

Find out properties for sale by walking around the city

If you are a new property agent who does not yet have an extensive network, then the most effective way to get a listing is by walking around the city looking for information about properties for sale. Make a regular schedule to get around the city starting from around you. Usually the property owner will put up a banner to show that the property wants to be sold. Take note of the telephone number listed on the banner. Take at least 1 hour to do this schedule every day.

Take your time to dial the recorded phone number. Present yourself first before you offer to collaborate so that vendors get to know who you are. Introduce your name and the property agent’s office where you work. Then tell the vendor that you get the number from the banners around the location of the property to be marketed. Take the approach by following the tips on getting a first impression and building trust that have been described above.

Find out properties for sale through online media

You can get property listings through online media. You can look at several property buying and selling sites and contact them to offer cooperation. You must actively see advertisements in online media. You can also join the property investment whatsapp (wa) group. Make sure you join the online community about buying and selling property to get property listings. This makes it easier for you to get a listing.

Find out properties for sale through print media

Print media is still an effective medium in marketing and getting listings. Take time to read the local daily newspaper especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Why Saturday and Sunday? Because the most complete property ads are usually shown on weekends. This is considered effective for advertisers because on weekends someone has free time, especially to read the mass media.

Ask Fellow Property Agents

You can get listings from fellow property agents. You can co-broke with other property agents. Often, fellow property agents get a listing but don’t have the time or the right network to market the property. Thus, the property agent provides property listings to fellow agents who are willing to market their properties.

Join Certain Communities

Joining the community can also be used as a means to get a listing. When you join a community, it allows you to get together and interact with people. Especially if you join an exclusive community, such as a gym/sport center community, a big motorcycle community or a luxury car community. People who are in the community are very prospective in becoming vendors or clients because they are not in random circles. People in the community are generally in the upper middle class who like to invest in property. Take the time to be able to “chat” comfortably, adjusting to the ongoing chat discussion. Look for gaps in the middle of the chat to present yourself. Don’t forget to “exchange” business cards to add to your database.

Expand Friendship to Family

The most potential vendors and clients are sometimes unexpected people. Relatives or close relatives are the most potential people to become vendors. Often transactions with their own families are more frequent closing. Family relationships often make relatives or relatives choose you because they already know or trust you.

You can take part in various family events and chat with relatives and relatives. It will be easier to enter into the conversation to present your profile to them. Sometimes your relatives or relatives will ask you first about your work in the property world. This is a great opportunity to get a listing. There must be new listing information that will be given to you.